Sarah's Story

Productivity Consultation with Clarity Co. 

Carrie of Clarity Co. arrived at my house one Monday afternoon completely prepared for a thorough evaluation of my organizational and productivity systems (or lack of systems) that I was using. She asked me clear questions that really made me think about the way I was using technology for my benefit...but she also showed me how I was not utilizing all the options that were available to help me be more efficient and effective both in my home and work life. After the evaluation Carrie had some very good recommendations for how I could use technology to my favor. Carrie developed a plan of the top 3-4 areas I was struggling with the most.


We had 5 additional appointments that dealt with some aspect of the plan/recommendations. It was so helpful to not attack too much at once, which could’ve been overwhelming when you are trying to use new tools and systems. Not only did Carrie help me tremendously with my electronic lists and reminders but she helped me create an action center for my family. We now all have a place to put papers and reminders as well as a place for safely keeping things we need, even adding a charging station for our electronics. It’s so helpful because everyone has a spot and now uses the action center with ease. Instead of frantically looking for a permission slip, we now know right where it is. I find that I’m not relying solely on my mind to remember each and every item but instead utilizing lists and reminders that are already available on my phone.


I have had an excellent experience working with Carrie. She is approachable and very understanding but she didn’t back down from asking me to rethink some of my ways and challenging me to look things from a different direction. Carrie also does a great job checking in along the way, making sure that I was comfortable with the things we were doing and checked in after to make sure I didn’t have any further questions or concerns. Thanks Carrie for a wonderful experience with Clarity Co, I would highly recommend Carrie for your organizational needs and productivity coaching.



                                                                                                                                         Written by: Sarah M. 

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Abby's Story

Productivity Consultation with Clarity Co. 

The Gift of Productivity

A few months ago I felt buried. Piled up with papers to sort, laundry to fold, phones calls, appointments to reschedule, dishes to wash, and a thick layer of dust reminding me of all the ways I was failing.


I had good reasons for letting things go. Our son was in medical crisis from mid-December of 2018 and through the rest of the winter of 2019. Several ambulance rides, specialists, testing and medications filled up our schedules and big spaces in our minds. Fear, worry, and tears spilled through the cracks of our hearts and souls. When a loved one is sick and you don't know the reason or can't fix it housework doesn't seem to matter.


Micah, our son, started to do better. The medication was working so the fog started to thin and the internal need to "get back to real life" resounded in my head. But by that point, it seemed too overwhelming. Too many things were left undone. I just had climbed (still climbing) the most difficult mountain life had thrown at me. How could I get through the mounds of "life stuff" that were scattered haphazardly?


My head and heart space were preoccupied with our son and his newly diagnosed seizure disorder there was no room to remember small day to day things. I pride myself (well use to pride myself) on remembering most things. I never had to write myself notes, or make lists and I just had it all up in my head. But I was forgetting everything. Appointments, job training, taking a kid home from preschool one day. I didn't know what happened to me and I didn't know how to fix it.


I reached out to my friend, who is a Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach. Desperate for help I said- Do you help stay at home moms that can't seem to get dinner on the table and clean underwear in everyone's drawers. From what I knew she worked with business professionals, so I felt so silly asking her for help with my stay-at-home mom gig. She didn't skip a beat. She immediately said yes!



Clarity Co's productivity coaching is a game-changer for me. Carrie Downey, creator, and owner of Clarity Co was able to identify my weaknesses and where my systems had broken down. She gave me simple tools to get me back on track with daily household upkeep, reminders for appointments and better scheduling tools.


She had compassion for my family's circumstances and provided insight to help me changed expectations that allowed me to succeed in my "new normal". She taught me to see my role in the home as my career for the moment. She showed me how my skills that I used when I worked away from home were just as useful to run my household.


Our first session was a fact-finding assessment so Carrie can gauge where I was at, what needs work, and what is the best most effective way forward. Each session after that was her personalized tools and follow-up accountability. All of our sessions took place over virtual video communication. Living in different states, the use of technology gave me the feeling that Carrie was in my living room.


Now a couple of months after our last official session, I continue to use the tools Carrie gave me in my daily life. I see productivity as such a gift. When things are streamlined, efficient, and getting done I have a sense of success at the end of the day. I'm grateful for this gift that Clarity Co. gave me that grows every time my new systems work for me and my family.


Do you feel buried? Things piling up? Ask yourself the question -What would make you feel successful at the end of the day? Seek out help. I know Carrie and Clarity Co would be more than happy to start working on systems that will allow you to have that sweet success you crave. No matter your life stage, employment status or life circumstances I know Carrie can help!

                                                                                                                                              Written by: Abby Larsen