Do you feel like you are busy but spinning your wheels busy? Are there things on your To Do list that linger there far too long?   When you reflect on your life to identify the things you really enjoy, are you able to prioritize them in your schedule? 

Productivity Consulting is a service that helps those who are motivated and driven to overcome the roadblocks they're encountering.  We will help you do more with less by simplifying your processes and maximizing your time. 

Productivity Consultation

What consultation includes

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a session devoted to bringing self-awareness to your current practices with email, scheduling, task and project management, procrastination, etc.


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designing systems for routine task completion, special projects, financial records, action items, team communication, etc. 

Customizing Systems

Improvement Summary Personal Development

exploring areas for delegation and outsourcing while also systemizing work flow by tightening up procedures and policies.

Improving Workflow


Goal Setting

establishing desired goals and creating an action plan for change. Includes mentoring and accountability for sustaining improvement plans.

Creating Routines

prioritizing and creating habits that will lead to increased productivity with some accountability partnering. 

Time Management

eliminating distractions, overcoming procrastination, scheduling and maximizing time with an essentialism point of view.

What others have experienced

Sarah's Story

Productivity Consultation with Clarity Co. 

Carrie arrived at my house one Monday afternoon completely prepared for a thorough evaluation of my organizational and productivity systems (or lack of systems) that I was using. She asked me clear questions that really made me think about the way I was using technology for my benefit...

Abby's Story

Productivity Consultation with Clarity Co. 

A few months ago I felt buried. Piled up with papers to sort, laundry to fold, phones calls, appointments to reschedule, dishes to wash, and a thick layer of dust reminding me of all the ways I was failing....

Let's chat about your desire for more clarity in your work or personal life. This 30 min complimentary phone call will help you decide if it's time to partner with a Productivity & Organization

Systems Consultant.

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