When you find yourself surrounded by clutter you will likely notice that your brain is overstimulated and it's taking a toll on your energy. If you are someone who is hoping you'll eventually have time to organize the clutter but you never seem to get around to it then you probably see the impact it's having on your life and family.


To ensure that you aren't missing something important or paying late fees for unpaid bills Clarity Co. helps you get on the right track with systems that are user-friendly and sustainable.  If you feel like your family isn't working together to maintain what organization you do have set up then maybe it's time for a family intervention.  

Life Organization



Mail & Other Paper

customize a system for those endless papers cluttering your space and set new standards for what needs to stay and what can go away.

Helping clients customize their own _Nee

Action Center

help you more closely monitor on-going action items or projects like vacation planning, preparing for taxes, planning a large project like a home remodel, etc.


Kids Papers/Art

customize a system for your children's endless papers, art projects, and other memorabilia that involves your children and teaches them foundational skills.

Desk with keyboard and calculator.jpg

Bill Pay

assistance to set up online bill pay, and monitor spending utilizing the technology you already own.

Young Family with Pet Dog

Family Intervention

meet with family members to address individual and communal roles in maintaining an organized household.

Vintage Postcards

Keepsakes Storage

create storage and backups for digital photos along with container storage for those items you want passed down generations. 

Bringing Clarity to your life

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