Technology can cause you stress or simplify your workflow. Clarity Co. wants to ensure that it's the latter and you are taking full advantage of technology to increase your productivity.  


Whether you hope to shift to a paperless operation or just want to waste less time searching for digital documents, Clarity Co. can help you tidy up your electronic files and emails or fully automate your business.  Let us work on making sure your technology is working to your advantage and ultimately allowing you to spend time on profit generating tasks or the people you love. 

Digital Organization

go paperless or simplify for effective storage of documents on your computer, cloud or server while also addressing desktop clutter and distractions.

Electronic Filing

create folders for filing and standards for what to keep and what to discard including how to maintain a manageable inbox.

Email Management

learn how your employees or contracted support could communicate more efficiently using technology to improve team cohesiveness.

Information Flow

Automated Workflow

digitize documents & forms, even allowing for electronic signatures while also tightening up processes so they require less [wo]man hours of repeated tasks like sending bids, contracts, etc.

Lead Managment

systemize lead and client management with a CRM (Client Relationship Management) system that best suits your business and ensures those leads turn into customers.

Electronic Billing

ensure billing is a priority for your business and you are getting paid by automating your invoices or tightening up procedures for collecting or making payments.

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Creating Clarity in Digital Workspaces

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