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Getting to know people and truly understanding what makes them tick is important to me. What brings them joy and how they get re-energized? For be thriving is to be helping others thrive. This is what led me to start my business 5 years ago when I took a look at my passions and turned them into a job.

Clarity Co., LLC was born through some deep soul searching in the midst of a significant pivot point in my life. All while I was wrapping up my position as a mental health therapist (aka clinical social worker) for a wonderful trauma clinic I had thrived in for the previous 8 years, I was looking for what was next. At this crossroads I found a new (to me) profession where I could use my skills for organizing, creating procedures and thinking systematically to help others. To head in that direction would mean leaving a career that I had loved so dearly and worked so hard to achieve. This wasn't a decision I took lightly.

Entrepreneurism had always lived inside me so I knew I was destined to run my own business. When I took the leap of faith to join NAPO (National Assoc for Productivity & Organizing Professionals) and open Clarity Co., LLC it felt right. Although I was no longer able to maintain my clinical license in this new profession, I felt good knowing I'd be able to continue helping people thrive, just in a different way. Since then I've been blessed with the opportunity to help so many wonderful people thrive in what they do and love. Watch this brief video to hear more about what it is I do.....

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Comment below if you can relate to this desire to follow a passion and dive into Entrepreneurship. Or perhaps you if you desire a more organized office space.

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