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So many professionals go through their days working hard to accomplish all that’s expected of them. Whether it’s their own expectations as an entrepreneur or those of their employer, a driven person typically wants to succeed.

Yet I ask you, are you feeling a sense of accomplishment when you walk away from your work each day?

If you’re giving it your best and still feel it’s not good enough then it’s probably taking a toll on your overall happiness. Maybe you do enjoy small victories here and there to keep you going but that To Do list still feels so daunting. Well, believe me when I tell you that you certainly aren’t alone. Though because this isn’t a topic people talk about in their offices or networking groups, I wonder if you are feeling alone? It’s quite common for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs in particular, to be isolated in their work and even if they wanted to talk about it, there isn’t another human to turn to in those moments.

Finding an accountability partner or a mentor, may be low on the priority list when you’ve got that To Do list a mile long. Almost to the point that it rarely crosses your mind to look for it. Or there is social pressure to feel like you should be able to accomplish it all on your own. Yet, these things are invaluable to your success.

As a former therapist and now Productivity Coach I know how far this support can take you to reaching your full potential. Coming together in community is energizing and inspiring, therefore networking groups like BNI, NAWBO, Mastermind, Chamber of Commerce and more local groups like one in my community called Lexington Girl Tribe, etc are invaluable.

Since getting people to talk about productivity is important to me, I've created an online community through Facebook that focuses primarily on productivity and I called it [Lex] Be Productive (a play on words for Let's Be Productive in my Lexington, KY community). It definitely doesn't replace in-person connection through networking and mastermind groups but it is a place to speak openly and offers inspiration, encouragement and support.

Whatever the avenue, I would encourage you to explore options near you and if you are from the Lexington area, please join us in

the private Facebook Group called - Lex Be Productive - by using this hyperlink to access it or searching the group title in FB. Once a member you can share posts, local events, comment with feedback and ideas or ask questions about best practices. For the highlights, follow on Instagram @lex.be.productive.

For more information follow Clarity Co on Facebook and Instagram @carriesclarityco or email info@clarityco.org.

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