A Family That Organizes Together Stays Together

Would you consider yourself to be an organized person? If so, does your home live up to your own organizing standards? If you answered no to one or both of those questions then it’s a great time to evaluate the reason why. Do you struggle to find the time? Perhaps you try your best but there is too much for one person to keep up with? Or maybe your house lacks “systems” that are user-friendly, especially for kids? Here’s some direction to help you and your family regroup.

Organizational Captain

Every family needs to have an “organizational captain” – whether this is you or someone better suited for this role. The captain must let everyone in the family know their intentions for a more organized home. Part of that is expressing to them what an important role they have on the team. Let them know you plan to set a good example and will teach them lifelong valuable skills. Yes, the captain - most likely you - will lead the way in setting up organizational systems in your home but it doesn’t mean you are solely responsible for maintaining them.

Team Organization Find out what obstacles your family faces with maintaining an organized home. Most likely they aren’t helping to put things away because they don’t know it’s their job and that it’s important, or they don’t know where things go. Communication is vital to keeping everyone on the same page. Tasks need to be delegated but also written down and displayed for everyone to see. As the captain you can’t assume everyone, even the adults, know how to complete those tasks so provide demonstrations on how to fold towels or what to do with toys on the floor. Labels will be a key piece to your communication system, so label everything. This will help everyone know which shelf the laundry detergent lives on or where they can find the envelopes and stamps even when you aren’t there to ask. Picture labels will allow little kids to participate, which is important for forming good habits from an early age.

Making Time Don’t let a lack of time be the reason your family isn’t keeping up with their household chores - schedule time. It’s important to set the expectation that everyday there will be 15 minutes set aside for putting things away. If a family of four each takes 15 min then that’s one hour devoted to organization in your house everyday! Additionally, plan for working together as a family once a week as a reminder that it’s a group effort. Take an hour every Saturday morning to work on putting away laundry, filing papers that came into the house that week, or putting things away in the mudroom or garage. There will be additional chores that take more time, but those can be put on the calendar too!

Happy Organizing!

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