6 Things You Must Throw Away

To keep or not to keep? That is the question. Often it’s what stands in the way of people living an organized life. Throwing things away is necessary to keeping an organized space yet for so many people it’s a mental stumbling block founded on uncertainty, distraction and forgetfulness. If you find yourself wondering what to do about the major culprits, then take note of these 6 things that you need to throw away on a regular basis.

1.Medicine and Vitamins- These items can not only clutter up a bathroom or kitchen cabinet if you aren’t checking expiration dates, but can pose a danger if they should get into the wrong hands. Although it takes a few more steps to discard, it’s important to do it correctly so these medications don’t contaminate our environment. DO NOT flush them down the toilet or toss them into the trash. Instead you can drop them off at a drug take-back collection site which are located at our local hospital pharmacies, Merle pharmacy, and police departments.

2. Old and Unused Electronics - If you think they still have life left in them, either sell them or donate them to a local charitable organization (who accept most everything except CRT TVs). Electronics must be recycled – they cannot be put into the garbage for pick up. There are several local options, including Best Buy and the local electronics recycling drop off site. Either way, say good riddance when you replace them.

3. Magazines - Piles of old magazines can sometimes be a fire hazard and also attract insects. Purge old magazines every 8-12 weeks – you won’t get around to looking at them again. You may want to consider donating them to a local library, nursing home, doctor’s office, or nail salon. If you want to reference an article at a later date, keep a file for clippings or find the article online and pin it to Pinterest.

4. Boxes - Unless you have an item under warranty or plan to make a return, you should recycle the boxes your newly purchased item came in. At most, you should hold onto it for 30-60 days. All it requires is cutting down the box to newspaper size and placing it in your residential recycling receptacle.

5. Receipts - Throw away receipts for items you don’t plan on returning or need to keep for tax purposes. Ask you tax consultant what types of receipts your family needs to hold onto so you can throw away the rest without hesitation. If you are still hesitant, you can make a digital copy with a scanner or a smartphone app.

6. Makeup and Toiletries - Semi-annually you should go through your toiletry storage to do some purging. Similar to medication, not all expired products can be recycled in your residential recycle bin. Local Terracycle drop off locations will accept those hard-to-recycle waste items but even they won’t accept nail polish bottles, hair spray and deodorant cans that are not plastic, so you may have to set them aside until your local Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off Events.

Happy Organizing!

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