Gift Giving Ideas That Don't Contribute to Clutter

Tis’ the season to be thinking about gift ideas for family, friends, teachers, child care providers, neighbors, etc. As you're searching for the perfect gift for someone special in your life have you considered how your gift could contribute to their clutter? Sure, it may provide the recipient instant gratification because it's a sweater that looks really good on them or a knickknack they've been collecting for a long time. But it doesn't necessarily mean the gift will contribute to their life in a positive way. Especially if they've got an overabundance of stuff already and are constantly disorganized.

Experience gifts There are many gifts you can give that won't contribute to someone's clutter and yet still show the person how much they mean to you. Most common are gift certificates to a restaurant or favorite store. However, experience gifts are intended to create a memory they'll possibly have for years to come, especially if the gift giver participates in the experience with the recipient.

• Concert ticket(s) • Ticket(s) to a play, musical, sporting event or museum • Dinner theater • Horseback riding • Winery or distillery tour • Cooking or golf lesson(s) • Fishing trip

Quality of life gifts A gift that gives your loved one a break or relieves some of their daily stress can only improve their quality of life. Creative ideas for this could include a gift certificate for errand services by Skedaddle Errands or a freezer stocked with meals from Prep.Freeze.Cook. Perhaps your loved one is good at cleaning, organizing or caring for their lawn, but deserves a break from time to time. These services or that of a personal trainer, may be something they desire yet consider a splurge.

• Housecleaning service • Lawn care (season contract or just a special service of spring or fall cleanup) • Snow removal service • Errand running service • Gym membership • Personal training • Hair, facial, manicure or spa treatments • Professional organizing services • Auto detail service • Meal preparation services

Gifts for kids Experience gifts are particularly easy for kids because there is so much they haven’t yet experienced and the simplest things are so thrilling to them. For starters, most adults don’t think much of a nights stay in a hotel mostly because it is a necessity while traveling but take a kid to a hotel with a fun indoor pool (even locally) and it makes their day. As does an

• Evening at the arcade • Afternoon of pottery painting • Ticket(s) to the movie theater • Children’s Museum or Zoo membership • Ticket(s) to a Science Center • Jewelry making or art classes at a local studio • Bowling with the whole family • Manicure or pedicure • Laser tag with a few buddies • Rock climbing • Ticket(s) to a theme park or circus • Music class • Classes through Parks and Rec • Open gym pass • Roller/Ice Skating • Ticket(s) to a play or musical • Concert ticket(s) • Train or boat ride

Gifts specifically to help with clearing the clutter If the person you are buying for is overwhelmed by their clutter and ready to do something about it, consider buying them a gift certificate for professional organizing services. Maybe the gift is for a specific project like organizing family photos or their children’s memorabilia, certainly any little bit can help.

Happy Organizing!

Carrie Downey, Professional Organizer

Clarity Co.

Lexington, KY

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