* Additional pricing information available during a complimentary exploratory call

Assesses your current practices with time management,  task completion, procrastination, prioritizing, delegation and optimizing technology for efficiency. 
Solopreneurs (solo business owners) will receive a review of their business operations and recommendations for tightening up their systems for lead capture, on-boarding new customers, project management, sending contracts and invoices, automated responses, etc.
[ 2 HRS ]
1st time clients (businesses & individuals) who want to learn how they can improve their processes to optimize operations. Also, those who want to tackle some office, digital or life organizing with either an overview of all three areas or a deeper dive into one of these areas.
[ 3 HRS ]
Initial Assessment
[ 2 HRS ]

Pricing Starting Points

Office | Digital | Life





All of the above starting point sessions require pre-payment because you will schedule and pay online. Beyond that, payment is collected at the end of each organizing session.
Productivity Coaching is paid in two installments - 50% due at scheduling and the remaining 50% is due at the mid-way point. 

Do I need to pay upfront?

How many hours of services will I need? 

I recommend scheduling one of the starting point sessions listed above to try out my services to see how much we can get accomplished together.  Most projects vary in length depending on how many aspects of your business and digital life need organizing. We'll discuss the parameters of your project in more detail as we explore your overall vision for your business. 
You are in full control of the frequency of our sessions.  One way to ensure fewer sessions is to take on as many tasks as you can in between sessions to complete the project.  I'm happy to leave you a list of steps that need accomplished. 

How does scheduling work? 

Productivity Coaching:  At the conclusion of your Initial Assessment appointment you'll be presented with program options and we'll decide together what feels like the best fit. Typically the program lasts 4 to 6 months to ensure that the implemented changes have become fully established habits.  Meeting 2 times per month allows us to implement new skills and monitor their effectiveness with the frequency needed for accountability.
Organizing Sessions: At the conclusion of your Introductory Session you'll have the option to schedule more sessions at a frequency that meets your availability and budget.  It's preferable to pre-schedule 4-5 sessions if you have particular schedule limitations to ensure you receive the time slot you desire.
Sessions are typically 3 hours in length.  However, you are welcome to book two sessions on a particular day if you desire 6 hours to make more headway on your project. Some clients schedule to meet one time per week while others prefer one time per month.  Depending on the stage of your project you may want to schedule consecutive days to complete the project.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash and checks are accepted as are credit cards with use of Clarity Co.'s Square mobile merchant card reader. 
Electronic invoicing is available for virtual sessions in which case a credit card is required for an online payment.
A solopreneur is a solo business owner like me (those with no employees)!  Whether you're a therapist in private practice, freelance photographer or work a trade such as a painter, carpenter, landscaper, etc. you likely wear many hats to operate your business and I'd like to help you be more efficient.  

Do I qualify as a Solopreneur?

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